HVAC trade fair VVS-dagene 202219.-21. october

HVAC trade fair VVS-dagene 2022
19.-21. october

Meet the entire HVAC industry at VVS-dagene 19.-21. october 2022! All HVAC suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, consultants and wholesalers are invited to take part as exhibitors.


Exhibitors are invited to present their products and services within the following areas: Sanitation, water and waste, pumps and pumping equipment Heating, heat pumps Energy conservation, energy sources Automation, regulation Computer software Indoor environment, cleaning, hygiene Ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning Tools, vehicles, construction equipment Fire and water-damage prevention Research and development, organisation, education and training.


The majority of trade visitors to the Scandinavian HVAC fair trade VVS-dagene 2022 include HVAC consultants, construction engineers, plumbers, wholesalers, contractors, teachers, suppliers, researchers, architects, builders, city an county council engineers, town planners, heating and ventilation specialists, sheet-metal workers, janitors, caretakers, maintenance personell, building operators and managers, service engineers and wholesale companies.

Prices & Terms
All prices in NOK.

Option 1: Standard exhibition stand
Our stands are ready-made and include rent of floor area, walls, carpet with optional colour, front desk with logo, lighting, girders, power outlet and power consumption. This option also includes a 1×1 m backroom (only for stands more than 15 sq.m.).

12 sp.m: 43 550,-
15 sp.m: 53 400,-
16 sp.m: 56 500,-
18 sp.m: 61 800,-
20 sp.m: 68 100,-
21 sp.m: 70 400,-
24 sp.m: 80 500,-
25 sp.m: 86 500,-
30 sp.m: 90 900,-
32 sp.m: 91 100,-
35 sp.m: 100 700,-
40 sp.m: 111 500,-

For stands above 40 sq.m., please contact project manager Henrik Sakshaug at [email protected]

Option 2: Floor area
An option for exhibitors who wish to build their own stands.

12 - 49 sq.m: 2 199,- per sq.m
50 - 99 sq.m: 2 079,- per sq.m
100+ sq.m: 1 999,- per sq.m

Registration fee

Main exhibitorNOK 5.800,-
Additional exhibitorsNOK 2.900,-

Terms of payment

The stand fee is to be paid in 2 – two – equal installments. The first one will be due for payment May 15, 2022 and the second one will be due for payment August 1, 2022. Terms of payment: 15 days from date of invoice.

Guidelines relating to cancellations: The registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. The stand fee will be refunded with 100% if the cancellation is done before November 1, 2022. If cancellation is made after this date the exhibitor will not be entitled to a refund and will be charged full stand fee for the ordered number of sqm.

Sales tax will be added, but foreign exhibitors can apply for a refund.

VAT will be charged as required by the Norwegian Tax Administration. Due to changes in our legislation in 2010 (which differs some from EU-legislation),we are required to charge all exhibitors including our foreign ones with 25% Norwegian VAT. You may apply to the Norwegian Tax Administration for a refund of the VAT but they strongly recommend that you wait until the event has taken place before applying. For further information regarding VAT and the refund application process please log on to their web site or contact the Norwegian Tax Administration at: [email protected]

Regulations for VVS-dagene.

If you have any inquiries, please contact Henrik Sakshaug at e-mail.

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